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أفضل اسعار شركات بيع ماكينات التعبئة والتغليف في مصر 2024

There are many companies manufacturing packing and packaging machines in Egypt, but the specialized ones are few, and in order not to fall easy prey in the hands of a non-specialized company, we offer you Master Tech, the leading company in the manufacture of gravimetric and volumetric packing machines and production lines in Egypt. The company provides you with:

  • The best raw materials in liquid filling machines.
  • Advanced filling capabilities in powder filling machines.
  • Keeping abreast of all recent global developments in legumes filling and packaging machines.
  • Constantly developing production lines.
  • Regular maintenance of the machines produced by the company.
  • After-sales service, which allows us to communicate continuously with customers.
  • Unparalleled high quality.
  • Packaging machines for sale The lowest price in Egypt.

Characteristics of packaging machines

  1. Programmable logic control (PLC) to set all machine functions.
  2. Speed and ease of dealing with it.
  3. All parts of the machine that touch the products are made of stainless steel that does not rust.
  4. Equipped with a multifunctional control screen with the ability to store more than one program for easy product switching.
  5. Equipped with a smart control system to detect all problems and record data as well.

Ketchup packaging machines

Master Tech offers its customers the best Ketchup packaging machines Mayonnaise, sauce, shampoo, liquid soap and all kinds of liquids designed at the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Working Ketchup filling machine Quickly because it is well-equipped, and the machine comes with guarantees, it is very durable and can operate smoothly for many years, meaning that it will not bear the costs of frequent maintenance. Our company is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of packaging machines for all liquid materials.

Tips before buying ketchup filling and packaging machines

You should know that Ketchup packaging machines Inside it there is a machine that is used to create bags into which ketchup is poured, and these bags are sealed after filling, and the performance of the bag machines differs from one machine to another. Therefore, the ketchup filling and packaging machine must be checked well before completing the purchase process with any company, before purchasing Ketchup filling machine Considering the following factors:

  • Work space: The ketchup filling and packaging machine requires a large space, so it must provide a good space for it, and it is usually placed in large rooms with high ceilings in order not to cause problems with the machine.
  • Price: There are many types of ketchup filling and packaging machines in the market, and for this you should know that the higher the efficiency of the machine, the higher its price.
  • Output: Some ketchup filling and packaging machines work faster and better than others. An example of this is that a machine with high features and efficiency can fill more than 500 packages at one time, while you will find devices with a slow speed to fill a smaller number of packages compared to the more expensive machine. The appropriate machine is purchased according to the company's quantity needs
  • Other problems: There are some other problems such as the size of the bag - whether printing is available on the bags or not, and all these things must be known when purchasing the machine.

That is why in Master Tech we provide you with more than one high-quality machine for Ketchup packaging

The price of ketchup filling and packaging machines in Egypt

The ketchup filling and packaging machines are a special and integrated project for middle-income capital. Ketchup packaging machine price According to the required model, as we explained previously, the models differ according to the required production capacity, so you must choose the appropriate machine for the size of your own business, and you can contact Mastertech by calling or WhatsApp to know the price of the required packaging machines.

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Mineral water filling machines

Our company Master Tech is one of the leading manufacturing companies Mineral water filling machines The highest quality and efficiency at the lowest price.

made up Mineral water filling production lines It consists of a number of machines that are characterized by several specifications, and each machine is set to perform the role required of it. Below is some information about these machines and their technical specifications:

  1. Bottle Stacking Machine: It is the first machine in the production line. The internal and external structure of the machine is made of stainless steel that does not react with water. The machine includes an operator that stacks empty bottles randomly inside the machine in an organized manner at the beginning of the production line.
  2. Glass rinsing machine: It is the second stage in Mineral water production lineAnd the internal and external structures are also made of stainless steel, and this machine works to rinse and wash the bottles from the inside and outside using water or any other method that is suitable for use, and the bottles are entered at this stage through the entry star made of food grade material that does not interact with water.
  3. Filling machine: The bottles pass before the filling stage on a conveyor belt with an ultra-violet lamp used in the sterilization process. The machine contains 30 tanks used for filling water, and a water tank made from the inside of stainless steel. It is 300 liters and contains 30 tanks. After the filling process The bottles are taken out through the exit star, knowing that they are made of the same artylon material, and then they are placed on the conveyor belt.
  4. Cover machine: a machine made of stainless steel, it contains a cover also made of stainless steel, and in it the cover is placed in a random place in the tank that is on the machine and that cover is removed automatically from the tank, and it is worth noting that the machine has a stainless belt, and the bottles are removed through Entry and Exit Star.
  5. Labeling machine: A machine made of stainless steel, in which the bottles rotate to place the label glue until the bottle comes out through the exit star.

Specifications of the mineral water filling machine

  • Integration of all stages of filling in one machine (bottle stacking - rinsing bottles - filling mineral water - placing the cap - wrapping the bottle with labels).
  • The machine has a structure made of strong stainless steel and organic glass with doors with safety cutouts, and there are emergency buttons for stopping the machine.
  • The mineral water filling machine features a touch control screen, which displays the production capacity of the machine, the quantity produced in one shift, and in case of problems, it appears on the control screen, which makes it easier to control and deal with the machine.
  • There are sensors in the machine to know the state of entry and exit of the packages, and in the event that there are packages hanging at the outlet or entrance, the machine slows down and stops

Prices of mineral water filling machines

The mineral water filling machines project is considered one of the best projects due to the great return on investment in it, and the prices of the mineral water filling line are not high compared to what it will return to the investor, but you can know Mineral water filling machine price By communicating with Mastertech.

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سعر ماكينة التعبئة والتغليف

سعر ماكينة التعبئة والتغليف يمكن أن يختلف بشكل كبير بناءً على العديد من العوامل. إليك بعض العوامل التي تؤثر على تحديد سعر ماكينة التعبئة والتغليف:

  1. نوع الماكينة: هناك مجموعة متنوعة من ماكينات التعبئة والتغليف، بما في ذلك ماكينات التعبئة الأوتوماتيكية والنصف أوتوماتيكية واليدوية. كل نوع له تكنولوجيا وميزات مختلفة تؤثر على سعره.

  2. القدرة والإنتاجية: سعر الماكينة يزيد مع زيادة القدرة والإنتاجية. ماكينات عالية الإنتاجية تكون عادة أكثر تكلفة من ماكينات الإنتاج المنخفض.

  3. التخصيص: إذا كانت الماكينة مصممة خصيصًا وفقًا لاحتياجات محددة للعميل، فإنها غالبًا ما تكون أكثر تكلفة.

  4. العلامة التجارية: الشركات المصنعة المعروفة بالجودة والموثوقية قد تعرض ماكيناتها بأسعار أعلى.

  5. التكنولوجيا والميزات: وجود تكنولوجيا متقدمة وميزات إضافية قد ترفع سعر الماكينة.

  6. الحجم والأبعاد: حجم وأبعاد الماكينة يؤثران على التكلفة وقد يتطلب تخصيص مساحة إضافية.

  7. السوق والموقع الجغرافي: الأسعار قد تختلف من سوق إلى آخر وبناءً على المكان الجغرافي.

لذا، من المهم أن تقوم بدراسة احتياجاتك بعناية وتحديد المواصفات التي ترغب فيها قبل اتخاذ قرار شراء ماكينة التعبئة والتغليف. بالإضافة إلى ذلك، يجب مراجعة مجموعة متنوعة من الشركات المصنعة والعروض المتاحة للعثور على الخيار الأنسب لاحتياجاتك وميزانيتك.

Coffee and tea packaging machine

Master Tech provides its customers with the best Coffee and tea packaging machine In Egypt, a machine that operates with a volumetric spiral system, designed after a deep study by a specialized team to provide all that is necessary to protect the worker who invests in the machine.

How to make a coffee and tea filling machine

The material to be packed is placed on the machine through a conveyor belt that transfers the materials to the machine’s tank, where the machine, in turn, fills the materials with the required weight and sends them to the packaging section, where bags are formed and closed automatically with the date of production and validity placed on them, after that it comes out The product is packaged and ready to use.

Pulp filling and packaging machine

Master Tech offers machine for filling and packing Syrian or white pulp and nuts of various kinds in bags. This machine is characterized by all of the following:

  • It is distinguished by the exquisite design, as it is designed precisely and perfectly.
  • The use of the machine is easy and convenient, as it is possible for anyone to use it and deal with it simply.
  • The machine can be controlled by an electronic control screen.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The machine is characterized by the fact that it saves the materials that it uses in the packaging operations. Once the machine is closed, the machine closes the welding knife Automatically.
  • The machine carries out all stages of the packaging process automatically. It also adjusts the bag and the filling inside the bag, calculates the quantity to be filled, seals the bag, and prints the date of production and validity automatically.

Selling packaging machines in Egypt

Master Tech specializes in selling packaging machines in Egypt at the best and lowest price ever. Despite the advantages of the machines, whether high flexibility in bag sizes, high performance, ease of operation, speed of change and preparation, ease of cleaning, and the lack of need for maintenance constantly.

packaging machines provided by Master Tech packs various products such as nuts, rice, grains, salt, seeds and legumes, washing powders, starch, coffee, dried juice, dried ice, according to a system Filling installed on the machine.

Mastertech offers machines for packing legumes such as beans, beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, lupins, soybeans, cowpeas, and others. Legumes, as the machine is manufactured with high precision from durable stainless steel.

The cheapest prices of packaging machines in Egypt

Master Tech offers the best solutions in the field of packaging, especially multi-use packaging machines, machines of excellent quality and various types, and the company is also known for providing The cheapest prices of packaging machines in Egypt Mastertech offers the best Semi-automatic powder filling machines Where the manufacturing process takes place inside the private factories of the Mastertech Company, under the supervision of an elite group specialized in the packaging machinery industry.

Various packaging systems and products that are packaged using machines:

  1. Weight packing systems: specialize in packaging dried fruits, dried legumes, small biscuits, small baked goods, popcorn, chips, pasta, mozzarella, frozen products, small plastic and metal pieces, etc.
  2. Volumetric packaging systems: specialize in packaging coffee beans, rice, wheat, sugar, salt, semolina, detergents, etc.
  3. Liquid packaging units: juices, milk, tahini, and all viscous materials.
  4. Spiral packaging units: specialize in packing coffee, ground coffee, cocoa, dried juice, ground sugar, powdered milk, flour...etc.

The best prices of packaging machines for sale

Mastertech offers the best and cheapest prices for packaging Prices of semi-automatic packaging machines Since you will get a machine of high quality and accuracy in the industry, and you will not bear the burden of maintaining the machine because MasterTech offers you a guarantee of periodic maintenance on the packaging machine.

Where Master Tech provides to its customers Automatic liquid filling machines It is of high efficiency and at a very attractive price, and this is done within plastic, metal and glass containers.

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Prices of spice packaging machines

Master Tech is one of the leading companies in the industry Spices and seasoning packaging machines in Egypt and always strives to develop itself for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Spices and seasonings are natural herbs and seeds that are added to food to give it a distinctive, indispensable flavor, including turmeric, ginger, cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Therefore, the spice packaging process is one of the important operations that requires high accuracy and skill, and therefore the need for a spice packaging machine came to take over this task and complete it in the best way and in the fastest time.

And it is considered Spice packing machine price It is not fixed in the Egyptian market, and the spice box packing machine is distinguished by being one of the multi-use machines Powder packaging Of various kinds, such as seasonings, spices, cinnamon, powdered milk, and other types of powder.

Prices of semi-automatic packaging machines

You will get hotel sugar filling machines and semi-automatic sugar filling machines, also available Semi-automatic packing machines for legumes  with high strength and efficiency at the cheapest prices from Master Tech

  • All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel for packing foodstuffs
  • Cup filling system
  • Packing grains or powder in double-sealed bags or packages

شركات بيع ماكينات تعبئة وتغليف بالتقسيط

ماسترتك تقدم خدمة تقسيط ماكينات التعبئة والتغليف لجعل تلك التكنولوجيا المتقدمة والحديثة أكثر إمكانية لعملائها. نحن ندرك أن تكلفة الاستثمار في ماكينات التعبئة والتغليف يمكن أن تكون مرتفعة، ولهذا السبب نسعى جاهدين لتقديم خيارات تمويل مرنة تناسب احتياجات عملائنا.
من خلال برامج التمويل التي نقدمها، يمكن للعملاء الحصول على المعدات التي يحتاجونها دون الحاجة إلى دفع المبلغ بالكامل مقدمًا. يمكن للشركة تقديم خيارات تمويل مخصصة تتناسب مع ميزانياتهم واحتياجاتهم الخاصة، مما يتيح لهم تحقيق أقصى استفادة من تلك التكنولوجيا وزيادة إنتاجيتهم بكفاءة.
هدفنا هو تقديم حلاول شاملة لعملائنا، وتقديم خدمات تمويلية تجعل من السهل لهم الاستفادة من ماكينات التعبئة والتغليف ذات الجودة العالية التي نقدمها.

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