Filling sachets of liquid chocolate


The machine is manufactured according to international standards as follows:

The machine is manufactured according to international standards as follows:
2. All parts of the machine are manufactured by laser.
3. The machine's chest and tower are made of 10 mm thick iron.
4. All components of the machine are made in Italy.
5. The solder jaw is made of Teflon-coated k100 steel material to ensure that the product comes out with high quality and appearance.
6. Pull-out rollers.
7. The cutting knife is made of air steel which is processed by laser.
8. The machine works with the piston pump system.
9. Pure aluminum rolls, needing a track for plastic rolls.
10. The rolls are attached to it for ease of movement of the rolls.
11. The horizontal movement is done on hard chrome casings inside the Sobhi balls.
2. Photocell made in Italy.
13. P.L.C Mark Fatek
14. Touch screen for complete control of the machine
15. The amount of liquid packed inside the bag is controlled by the piston pump.
16. The machine contains a P.L.C for precise control of the machine.
17. A 60-liter tank.
18. Components are CE marked.
19. Inverter to control the speed of the machine
24- The line is subject to the highest degrees of protection and special prevention to protect personnel and the electrical and mechanical equipment attached to the machine:
A - The control circuits are designed in such a way that in the event of an interruption of electricity, its return will only take place in the event of a restart
B - The electrical panel is equipped with circuit breakers that protect the electrical circuit in the event of a short circuit
C- The electrical panel is equipped with an over load to protect the motors in the machine
D - The panel is equipped with protection units against overvoltage and undervoltage.
E - The panel is equipped with a circuit control unit in the event of the absence of one of the feeding interfaces of the electrical panel.
F- The plate is equipped with a unit that protects the motor and the machine in case of any facet being reversed.

Machine dimensions: 100 cm wide x 125 cm long x 225 cm high
The machine warranty is one year
Free technicians are trained on the machine .


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