Packing legumes kilos of turbo model

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The machine is manufactured according to international standards as follows:

1- All parts in contact with the product are made of food grade 304 stainless steel.
2- The thickness of the stainless steel for the tray is 10 mm. Laser cutting for accurate scales and maintaining the balance of the tray.
3- The tray hopper is loaded on 2 x 50 mm, equipped with 3 pallets of 12 mm, equipped with two straws, for easy control of the rise and fall of the hopper and the lack of friction in the tray, which results in an imbalance in weights and not loading on the tray motor
4- The cam tray is equipped with 2 2RS balls, in order to increase the life span of the ball, to prevent dust or product from entering the ball.
5- The presence of a crescent moon installed with the tray hopper to ensure the distribution of sugar and wiping out the excess
6- The presence of a motor in the tray to control the rise and fall of the cups in order to control the weight of the product
7- The cups of the machine are telescopic, in order to change between the required weights easily
8- The presence of 2 microswitches in the tray to obtain the minimum and maximum levels for the rise and fall of the tray level
9- The roof of the machine is made of 8 mm electrostatically greased iron, and all its holes are made of lasers, for precision in manufacturing.
10- The chest of the machine is made of iron, 12 mm thick, perforated with a laser, and electrostatically greased
11- All parts of the machine were cut with a laser to ensure the highest quality and accuracy
12- The machine tower is moving on an Italian-made motor
13- The tower is equipped with 2 microswitches to maintain the beginning and end of the movement
14- A motor with electronic tightening, which is necessary for the easy movement of the plastic roll
15- A set of pulling belts made with a laser, 12 mm thick
16- Italian towing motors with CE certificate
17- The only machine in the whole world that can be operated (remote control) and the operation of the movements of the machine and the operation and stopping of the machine
18- Automatic lighting bulbs to illuminate the electrical panel and the mechanics unit for easy monitoring of the panels in full
19- A volt meter to measure the electricity entering the machine.
20- The machine is equipped with an air gun to clean the machine completely after work is completed
21- The company is ISO 9001 certified
22- The only company to receive an honorary doctorate from the United Nations Organization for the Development of Industry and a shield of excellence from Helwan University.
23- The motors of the machine are made in Italy.
24- Photocell of the Italian-made machine.
25- Chinese motor 1 HP Italian made.
26- The machine is equipped with a stainless steel collar to form a paper roll (one collar is supplied with the machine, and in case of requesting another collar, it will be calculated).
27- A motor with a gearbox with a cream. It is necessary to move the paper tower right and left through the screen
28- A motor for the plastic roll holder to facilitate the movement and pulling of the roll
29- Air service unit
30- Bag shape for center seal welding
31- There is an air steel knife to separate the bags.
32- The speed of the machine can be controlled by an inverter
33- Components have the CE mark.
34- P.L.C to control the machine, Fatek brand
35- Touch screen for full control of the machine
36- The machine works on electricity 220 volts or 380 volts, according to demand
37- The machine is subject to the highest degrees of protection and special prevention to protect the personnel and the electrical and mechanical equipment attached to the machine:
A - The control circuits are designed in such a way that in the event of a power outage, its return does not take place except in the case of a restart
B - The electrical panel is equipped with circuit breakers that protect the electrical circuit in the event of a short circuit
C- The electrical panel is equipped with an over load to protect the motors in the machine
D - The panel is equipped with protection units against overvoltage and undervoltage.
E - The panel is equipped with a circuit control unit in the event of the absence of one of the feeding interfaces of the electrical panel.
F- The plate is equipped with a unit that protects the motor and the machine in case of any facet being reversed.

** Machine warranty: one year

Accurate carbon printer 3 lines - a set of cups less than half a kilo - an additional knife

** Production capacity: 50 packages / minute in the case of: [1 kg]
10 packages / minute if: [5 kg]


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